Vancouver is a relatively young city dating back to 1792 when Captain George Vancouver sailed into to Burrard Inlet and was met by First Nations from the North Shore. Moodyville-now North Vancouver-was the first settlement and it's here that Western Canada's booming forestry industry began. The city continues to be shaped by its rich history, diverse culture, and awe-inspiring natural environment.

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives Commission offices, archives research room and storage spaces are located at the Community History Centre at 3203 Institute Road, Lynn Valley.

The City of North Vancouver celebrated its centennial in 2007. A century of history details fascinating facts like the first ferry to Vancouver began in 1900, and streetcars rolled out in 1906. The City Of North Vancouver, established in 1907, was known as "The Ambitious City" as it optimistically and determinedly set out to rival Vancouver.


The construction of bridges allowed Vancouver's North Shore to develop alongside the city of Vancouver, attracting industry and people. The Iron Workers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge and Lions Gate Bridge brought the world to Vancouver's booming North Shore.