Here on Vancouver’s North Shore, we love Spring! In fact, some might argue that this is our favourite season! The cherry blossoms start to come out, the temperatures warm up and sure, it might rain a little in the Spring, but nothing on the North Shore is stopped by a little rain! In fact, there’s so much to do this Spring, on Vancouver’s North Shore, that you’re not even going to notice the weather!



Spring Break

Spring Break kicks off on March 14, and for kids this is the start of 2 weeks of freedom and fun. To keep them entertained (and to keep parents sane) there are lots of cool activities taking place around the region. Whether you live on the North Shore and plan to enjoy a “stay-cation”, or if you’re visiting from out of town, there is something for everyone! Click here for a great write-up of all the fun things scheduled for Spring Break.

Snowshoeing | Mt Seymour

Fun in the Snow

How about a little fun in the snow? All 3 of our local ski hills, Grouse Mountain, Mt Seymour and Cypress Mountain, usually stay open well into April, which means that you are only ever about 20 minutes away from an afternoon of fun in the snow! Now you just need to pick your activity: skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing or sliding.


North Shore Art Crawl

Celebrating the creative energy of local artists and striving to make art approachable and accessible to all, the North Shore Art Crawl is celebrating it’s fifth year. Established in 2011 by two North Shore artists, Norman Vipond and Sandrine Pelissier, ‘The Crawl was a success from the get go with 100 artists displaying their work in 40 different venues across the North Shore. This year the event takes place on March 5 and 6, with over 250 artists and 72 venues spread across the North Shore from Deep Cove to Lions Bay.

North Shore Arts Crawl 2016


Are you into geocaching? This modern day treasure hunting is fast becoming a popular way to explore new areas. North Vancouver’s Arts Office has combined the thrill of the hunt with a celebration of public art with their series of Public Art caches. There are currently 11 active caches hidden in areas across the North Shore, surrounded by wonderful examples of public art. All you need is a GPS (the one on your phone works just fine), access to the geocaching website for the coordinates and clues and swag for trading.

Easter egg hunt


The Easter Bunny hops into town on the last weekend of March this year and if you’re visiting or simply don’t want to channel your inner Easter Bunny, the North Shore has your Easter weekend activity needs covered! From epic Easter egg hunts and brunches to the baby bunnies and visits with the bunny himself, there is something for the kid in all of us!

North Vancouver Craft Breweries

Vancouver’s North Shore is home to a growing number of craft breweries, and many of them are releasing their Spring Seasonals, which can only mean that it’s time for a pub-crawl! Start your tour (with a designated driver of course) at Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers and head west, with stops at Bridge Brewing, Green Leaf Brewery and Black Kettle Brewing. Click here for more information about craft breweries on Vancouver’s North Shore, and stayed tuned for news on when the tasting room for the newest addition to the craft beer scene, Hearthstone Brewing, will open (rumors are early 2016).

december, 2018

02nov(nov 2)10:00 am13jan(jan 13)5:00 pmLooking at Persepolis: The Camera in Iran, 1850 – 1930 Exhibition

11novAll Day01janHoliday Events at Park Royal

13novAll Day23decWinter Gift Gallery

16novAll Day16decGreat Gifts - Handmade Gifts and Art

17nov(nov 17)10:00 am10mar(mar 10)5:00 pmKevin Schmidt: Reckless

22nov(nov 22)4:00 pm27jan(jan 27)9:00 pmCanyon Lights

23novAll Day06janPeak of Christmas

24novAll Day07janPeak of Christmas

25novAll Day08janPeak of Christmas

26novAll Day09janPeak of Christmas

27novAll Day10janPeak of Christmas

28novAll Day11janPeak of Christmas

29novAll Day12janPeak of Christmas

30novAll Day13janPeak of Christmas

30nov(nov 30)5:00 pm31dec(dec 31)9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

01decAll Day14janPeak of Christmas

01dec5:00 pm01jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

02decAll Day15janPeak of Christmas

02dec5:00 pm02jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

03decAll Day16janPeak of Christmas

03dec5:00 pm03jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

04decAll Day17janPeak of Christmas

04dec5:00 pm04jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

05decAll Day18janPeak of Christmas

05dec5:00 pm05jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

06decAll Day19janPeak of Christmas

06dec5:00 pm06jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

07decAll Day20janPeak of Christmas

07dec5:00 pm07jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

08decAll Day21janPeak of Christmas

08dec5:00 pm08jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

09decAll Day22janPeak of Christmas

09dec5:00 pm09jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

10decAll Day23janPeak of Christmas

10dec5:00 pm10jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

11decAll Day24janPeak of Christmas

11dec5:00 pm11jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

12decAll Day25janPeak of Christmas

12dec5:00 pm12jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

13decAll Day26janPeak of Christmas

13dec5:00 pm13jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

14decAll Day27janPeak of Christmas

14dec5:00 pm14jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

15decAll Day16Christmas in Lower Lonsdale

15decAll DayDundarave Festival of Lights

15decAll Day28Breakfast with Santa - Grouse Mountain

15decAll Day28janPeak of Christmas

15dec1:00 pm2:30 pmHoliday Wreath Making Workshop

15dec3:30 pm4:30 pmHoliday Food and Wine Pairing Seminar

15dec5:00 pm15jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

15dec7:30 pm9:00 pmCarol Ships Shoreside Celebration

16decAll Day17Christmas in Lower Lonsdale

16decAll Day29janPeak of Christmas

16dec11:00 am1:00 pmKids Hot Chocolate & Fun Bun Decorating Workshop

16dec5:00 pm16jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

17decAll Day23Holiday Music at the Market

17decAll Day30janPeak of Christmas

17dec5:00 pm17jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

18decAll Day31janPeak of Christmas

18dec5:00 pm18jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

19decAll Day01febPeak of Christmas

19dec5:00 pm19jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

20decAll Day02febPeak of Christmas

20dec5:00 pm20jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

21decAll Day03febPeak of Christmas

21dec5:00 pm21jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

22decAll Day04febPeak of Christmas

22decAll Day23Christmas in Lower Lonsdale

22decAll DayDundarave Festival of Lights

22dec(dec 22)10:00 am23(dec 23)2:00 pmSpot Santa

22dec5:00 pm22jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

23decAll Day05febPeak of Christmas

23dec5:00 pm23jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

24decAll Day06febPeak of Christmas

24dec5:00 pm24jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

25decAll Day07febPeak of Christmas

25dec5:00 pm25jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

26decAll Day08febPeak of Christmas

26dec5:00 pm26jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

27decAll Day09febPeak of Christmas

27dec5:00 pm27jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

28decAll Day10febPeak of Christmas

28dec5:00 pm28jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

29decAll Day11febPeak of Christmas

29dec5:00 pm29jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

30decAll Day12febPeak of Christmas

30dec5:00 pm30jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

31decAll DayNew Year's Eve Gala

31dec5:00 pm31jan9:00 pmHi-Light Festival

31dec5:00 pm9:00 pmFamily New Year's Eve @ Grouse Mountain

31dec5:30 pm8:00 pmNYE Family First Night