Work hard, play hard – everyone deserves to be pampered especially while
enjoying their holidays.

Why not take a spa break? A call to a local spa can whisk you away from the rest of the world and cocoon you in luscious treats and sumptuous surroundings.

This experience can let you ‘get away from it all’ without packing a bag.
Everybody loves a therapeutic massage or a session in a hot Jacuzzi once
in a while, but for full-on relaxation spa breaks will transform even the most stressed-out urbanite into a calm, cool and collected individual. Spa breaks are not just for the ladies, either; men are also welcome. Most spas provide tailor-made packages for men, or offer an extra treatment menu for their every grooming need.

Esthetic studios are a great place for facials, electrolysis and hair removal,
manicures and pedicures. Wellness centers offer a variety of services including acupuncture, registered massage therapy, infrared sauna detoxification, Reiki energy therapy and foot reflexology.

You don’t have to go far on the North Shore for expert services to treat your whole body.