It's Spring

TreeCherry14thChesterfield-SM.jpgIt's Spring on Vancouver's North Shore

About this time of year, you’ll find local residents whispering under their breath, “Rain, rain go away!”  We love our rainforest, but by March we are more than ready to welcome a rush of purple, gold and yellow crocuses followed by sassy daffodils and flaming tulips into our gardens. In our hearts, you’ll find we have a particular sweet spot for the blooming Cherry trees that line our neighbourhood streets and adorn our parks. Nothing says spring quite like big clouds of pink and white blossoms fluttering in the wind like confetti and falling to the earth to rest in large pools like slow melting strawberry ice cream. The sight takes our breath away and renews our spirit that once again – spring has arrived.

Spring is Blooming

SpringFlowers3.jpgTo experience our cherry blossoms and spring flowers just take a stroll in any one of our many North Shore parks. Why not start at Park and Tilford Gardens? This European-style garden with eight themed areas on 2.8 acres of land is awash in spring colour. The Oriental Garden with its flowering Japanese Cherry trees is particularly beautiful. If you are in West Vancouver, be sure to visit our seaside parks John Lawson, Dundarave, and Whytecliff for more spring blossoms.

Wildlife is Returning

In the air, you’ll notice hummingbirds are dive bombing each other, woodpeckers are announcing their arrival by drumming on our roof’s flashings and ducks are pairing up in Ambleside Park. Spring is in flight all over the North Shore. A great place to see and learn about wildlife in North Vancouver is at the Maplewood Flats Conservation Area. On the second Saturday of each month the Wild Bird Trust of BC offers free tours that are extremely educational. Best of all, the trails are flat and easy walking for all ages.

MaplewoodFarm300.jpgNew Borns are Arriving at Maplewood Farm

The miracle of birth never wanes in the spring at Maplewood Farm. Kids and adults flock to the petting zoo to witness all the recent arrivals. Baby goats, rabbits, lambs and calves bring instant smiles to the faces of young and old alike. And the babies are just the beginning! With more than 200 domestic animals and birds, Maplewood Farms offers milking demonstrations and special events year-round.