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08sepAll DayDeep Cove Kayak - Indian Arm Challenge

Event Details

BACK FOR 2018 with a new date AND TIME is the Indian Arm Challenge – a 32km paddle challenge from Deep Cove to Granite Falls…and back!

The Challenge can be completed solo, in a double or triple appropriate craft, or in a relay with the switch at Granite Falls.

Indian Arm Challenge – Parameters and Rules

The Challenge

Paddle to Granite Falls and back = 32kms

    • Can be done solo, in a double or triple, or as a relay with change at the halfway point at Granite Falls
    • Race starts at 8am on Saturday, September 8th

      Craft permitted:

        • Surfskis (HPK = longer than 18′)
        • Performance Kayaks (PK = 16′ – 18′)
        • Single Sea Kayaks (SK = 14’ -16′)
        • Double Sea Kayaks
        • Stand Up Paddleboards 12’6” and longer
        • Prone Paddleboard
        • Ocean Rowing Craft
        • OC1, OC2

      All craft must have inherent buoyancy (i.e. can be remounted/reentered in deep water)

      Juniors – 17 years old and younger on the date of the race. Anyone under 13 years old must contact the race director at prior to registering.

      Prizing – podiums will only be rewarded if there are more than three entries in a particular category.


      Registration is completed on Webscorer and will be opening on Monday, July 16th.

  • Multi-person teams MUST register together for either the relay or as part of a multi-person boat. For example, the two people in a double kayak racing the whole course register together, as do two people completing course as part of a relay on a SUP.

    Fees for juniors (17 years old and younger on the date of the race) are reduced. For all others the price is the same per person regardless of category or relay option.

    Your registration fee includes:

    • challenge entry fee
    • shuttle for relay participants to Granite Falls or back
    • meal at after party in Deep Cove

    You can also select a race t-shirt for $15 if you would like, which will be a cotton shirt. This option will NOT be available after Saturday, August 25th.

    Wave Starts

    Paddlers are required to select a wave in which they will start based on how long you will take to complete the race, and race organisers reserve the right to change your selection if we think you will be better suited in a different wave. We have some suggestions for how to select which wave is appropriate for you:

    First wave – start 8am. Choose this wave if:
    – You took over 4.5 hours to complete last year’s IAC, or anticipate taking between 4.5 and 6 hours to complete it this year.
    – You are paddling a double ocean kayak or a single ocean kayak wider than 22″
    – You are paddling a stand up paddleboard wider than 26″

    Second wave – start 8.45am. Choose this wave if:
    – You took between 3.5 and 4.5 hours to complete last year’s IAC or anticipate it taking you that long
    – You are paddling a single ocean kayak 22″ or narrower
    – You are paddling a stand up paddleboard narrower than 26″
    – You are paddling a surfski wider than 19″

    Third wave – start 9.30am. Choose this wave if:
    – You took less than 3.5 hours to complete last year’s IAC or anticipate it taking you that long
    – You are paddling a double surfski
    – You are paddling a surfski 19″ or narrower

    To determine how fast you paddle:

    On one of your training runs, select a pre-determined distance. For example, Deep Cove to Jug Island and back. Approximately 5 km. You can go on Google Earth and figure out the exact distance. Lets say Fred takes 30 minutes to paddle to Jug Island and back to Deep Cove so he would be averaging 10 km/hr. Take into account variables, head wind and/or current, fatigue. Fred will generally be slower in the second half of the race. So a conservative estimate would place Fred finishing the race in 3 hrs 30 minutes to 4 hours. The math: divide the time it took to paddle 5 km by 60. 35 minutes / 60 = .58. Distance traveled 5 km / .58 = 8.62 km/hr average speed. Race distance 32 km / 8.62 = 3 hrs 42 min. + wind/current/fatigue.

    You can also check last year’s times HERE and pick a paddler you consider to be a similar ability to you and judge your time from that.

Check In & Race Meeting

Check in will be at Deep Cove Kayak Centre from 6.30am. You will pick up your race number from check in. The race meeting for the first wave will be at 7.30am, for the second wave at 8.15am, and for the third wave at 9am – attendance is MANDATORY for all racers as there will be a roll call.

Start and Finish Line

The start of the race is a mass start for each wave from the right-hand side Government Dock in Deep Cove, the Dock is also the finish line. You finish keeping the dock on your left.

Race Route

Paddle north on the west side of Indian Arm, around the buoy at Silver Falls and across to Granite Falls. Return along the east side of Indian Arm, keeping Twin Islands, Raccoon Island and Jug Island on your right before returning to Deep Cove.


You can rent single or double kayaks for the race from us – call 604.929.2268 to reserve your kayak. When you call, make sure you say you are renting the boat for the race and get special rates:

Surfski or Single Kayak: $39

Double Kayak: $55

After Party

We have changed the race schedule to try to get racers finishing around the same time, and we anticipate that racers will all be finished by 2pm. There will be a meal in Deep Cove Park for racers from 2pm, and results at 3pm.

Your race fee includes a meal. We will be awarding prizes as soon as we can after 3pm for placings, and draw prizes for everyone who took part.

Half Way Point

Granite Falls will have a support station with water, energy bars and first aid. There are also rustic toilets located there but very little else.

Half Way Cut Off

Racers MUST be at the halfway point by 12pm or they will be asked to retire. A race marshal will be in the water to help facilitate exit for racers who have not met this cut off.

Relay Participants

Racers completing the second half of the race will be shuttled to the halfway point by boat to meet your partner. There is NO road access to this point. Due to the varying times that racers will take please be prepared for a wait for your partner. Please bring food, water and warm clothing as there is no shelter at Granite Falls.

Cut Off Line

Each athlete will have 6 hours to complete the course. Any athlete that takes longer to complete the race will receive a DNF and be picked up by boat support.


There will be a sweep boat and support boats around the course BUT, as the course is so long and we expect athletes to be spread out, you must have the ability to call for aid if necessary – radio or cell phone. Please be aware cell phone service is somewhat unreliable at the top of the Arm depending on your provider.


Drafting is only allowed within classes. It is each racer’s responsibility to ensure that they are drafting within their class. Penalties for drafting out of class will be enforced. If race officials are not in sight of the infarction a complaint must be lodged within 30 minutes of race finish. Drafting is defined as paddling within one board or boat length of a person’s side or back wash for longer than one minute.

Crossing the Arm

Each racer is responsible for avoiding boat traffic when crossing the Arm. Please stay close to shore where possible to avoid potential collision. Powerboats will also be in the Arm the day of the race, so please paddle responsibly.


Racers are required to carry Transport Canada approved pfds and leashes. Racers not wearing pfds and leashes will receive a DNF.


Racers are required to begin the race carrying their own water. Support boats and halfway aid station will help resupply racers with water.


Racers are not allowed to use anything such as headphones that may prohibit them from communicating with support boats, hearing boat traffic or possibly hearing a request from another racer.

Other Gear Considerations

Although Deep Cove Kayak does not require it, we strongly recommend that participants consider bringing the following gear for the day of the race:

  • Strobe Lights
  • Wind blocking garments
  • Warm booties (SUPs)
  • Bright Garments (for increased visibility and safety)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) device


Please contact Mike, the Race Director at with any questions.


All Day (Saturday)


Deep Cove

2156 Banbury Road, North Vancouver, BC V7G 2T1, Canada

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