Maplewood Conservation Area

Although the Maplewood Conservation Area is located close to the city of Vancouver, it provides a retreat where you can relax enjoy the wonders of nature. You may hear locals refer to this area as ‘the Mudflats’ or the ‘Maplewood Flats’. The Wild Bird Trust of BC manages this conservation area, which has over 300 acres of land.

The Maplewood Conservation Area is well-known for its abundance wildlife. Over 230 species of birds have been spotted in this region. When you arrive, check out the sighting boards for a listing of wildlife that have been spotted in the area recently.

There are over 3km of well-kept trails to explore. The trails wind though the Conservation area allowing you to observe and discover the local wildlife.

Events & Activities

Free Bird Survey

1st Saturday of each month 8am
Observe and learn your birds at 25 locations in the Conservation Area with an experienced birder.

Free Walk & Bird Watch

2nd Saturday of each month 10am
Enjoy a free one and a half hour guided walk with legendary Lower Mainland Naturalist Al Grass.

  • September 10th: Autumn. Fall migration and Maplewood’s birds.
  • October 8th: Fresh and Frosty. Birds begin to prepare for the challenges of winter.
  • November 12th: Woodland Wonders. Maplewood’s forests live with the help of beetles, woodpeckers and fungi.
  • December 10th: Home for the Holidays. A winter’s day at Maplewood is always full of wonderful surprises.

All activities take place rain or shine and start from the site office.

Getting Here

The Maplewood Conservation Area is located about two kilometers east of the Second Narrows Bridge. You can access it via the Dollarton Hwy.

Maplewood Conservation Area
2645 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver
Tel: 604-903-4471

The Conservation Area Office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm. Weekends 10am – 4pm.

Maplewood Conservation Area | North Vancouver BC